Tribute to Nice

A professional cyclist and a pretty decent orator, I’ll let Tom Dumoulin’s words speak for themselves.

It’s a beautiful stage win on a very very sad day
We all woke up with the news or maybe you saw it last night
but I woke up with it
and then cycling is not important any more huh, for a few a moments
and maybe it still isn’t
but the organisation decided to race and I think it was a good decision
We cannot let terrorists decide our lives I think
I’m happy and very sad at the same time


Southwest holiday part 1

Cycling about the Southwest of WA is a wonderful way to take holidays. I started the week envying most bikes I came across, and scheming how to acquire my next new bike. During those envious cash wielding days I was convinced to replace my gloves, and am suffering buyer’s remorse.

Riding with Elise and towing Eleanor was a new experience, and one I’d like to repeat – especially now that I know we can ride 50km in a day. I reckon NSW, Vic or perhaps Europe would provide good options – weather can be good, towns and interesting places much closer together than WA.

Well timed breakdown

Yesterday morning we toddled off on our biggest training ride to date – 55km to my parents’ house and back. Eleanor was pretty happy in the trailer, Elise was pretty comfortable on her bike, and I was happy to be out and about with my two best ladies.

Sadly, as we passed through the city we were struck by a couple of punctures – one on my road bike which also unveiled a cracked tyre, and one in the trailer. I had no spares for the trailer, and didn’t even know what tubes it took. Luckily we broke down less than 100m from Runners World, who suggested I try the new Royal BMX shop (well, open for a year) around the corner. Success! The trailer’s wheels are identically sized to BMX wheels! The guy there was very quick to help me out, and even quickly trued a trailer wheel on the spot, no charge.

A new tyre for me, a couple of tubes for the trailer, and off we went. No further great events to report, except a successful day of riding! One week until GWABR; who knows if we’ll be ready.