CloudAtCost money grab

I was intrigued by the pay once model of Cloud At Cost and spent some money there a few years ago. The machine is good enough for my low level purposes, but I have seen a number of articles over the years complaining of their network performance and poor service. I figured you get what you pay for, and I would use it while it worked, and dump it if I hit problems. Besides, I could leave it lying idle and use it later when they’ve improved right? My one-time payment gives me a VPS for life.

So I thought.

I stopped using my machines a while back when there was a problem with a reboot, and I couldn’t get any help to get access again. The reimaging process was buggy, and of course without any effective support, that left my machine dead. Oh well, see above about leaving it idle until later.

A year or more later I’ve logged in to have another poke at it, and nothing has changed in the interface, including my inability to reimage my machines. I don’t think it’s worth submitting a support ticket, judging by the responses on other tickets and questions I can see in the system. On top of that, I now see an invoice for USD$9 for ‘annual service fee’, which is perhaps understandable given their description, but entirely unpalatable given my experience. Oh well, good luck to them I guess.

So long, and thanks for the very few fish, C@C.