Thank you, honest strangers

Life has been heavy going for the past year, more so than ever before. It’s had ups and downs, and yesterday was largely a down – I forgot too many things and failed to communicate with people properly so that only made things worse. Anyway, they were all very good about it and I’m lucky to have great caring people around me helping make it all work.

Today was better. I had time to get things done which will mercifully remain done. Washing, cleaning the chook cage, getting the kids to brush their teeth… have to be done again and again, but it’s good to make some progress on the backlog.

Anyway, to the title of the post: I dealt with two unfamiliar situations today, and both of them turned out more smoothly than I dared hope: Selling a low-value car, and shipping a kitchen appliance across the country to a Gumtree buyer with just-in-time (significant) payment of postage. Both of these have scam potential, certainly evidenced by a couple of the messages I’d received from potential buyers (or scammers). I reckon the best response is to treat everyone as if they’re honest, but take protective steps along the way, like taking photos of goods, explicitly discussing how things are happening, and recording relevant information. There’s no sense in being paranoid and putting people off side.

To cut a long story short, one person handed me cash, let me photograph their drivers licence and took away the car; another sent me the full agreed payment plus enough to cover relevant costs, and I no longer have these things cluttering up my life. To both of you, thank you. We drank champagne tonight for a few reasons, and you helped.