Dear Prime Minister Turnbull, please fix foreign aid

I am writing in support of Australian foreign aid. I shouted agreement and gratitude at the TV when Charlie Pickering delivered a segment on the topic a few months ago, and I continue to be heartbroken that people of the world are dropping bombs on each other at vast expense.

I do not pretend to fully understand armed global activity, nor national budgets, but I do know that given a choice between spending time, effort and money on overseas military engagements versus well-thought out nation building projects (Oh. So. Very. Many. To. Choose), I choose the latter. This is not simply throwing money away, rather investing in the future of humanity, of which we are a part.

To be honest, I would prefer blindly giving a bomb’s-worth of food directly to anyone who even *might* be an enemy (in this complicated world of “the enemy of my enemy is, well, a friend of Russia”), than manufacturing, delivering and dropping that bomb upon them, their land, and the people around them.

I hope and trust that you are familiar with the goal of 0.7% GNP going to foreign aid. Please, help us move toward it, not away from it.

On behalf of TEAR Australia, I make the following two concrete requests:

  1. Stop the fourth consecutive cut to Australian aid so that we don’t reach our lowest ever levels of aid.
  2. Start the journey to fulfil our global promise to invest our fair share in a future free from poverty.

I can only assume TEAR Australia has sources indicating that a fourth cut is en route. If not, then I am grateful for small mercies.

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