Dallas and Oklahoma


We’ve arrived in the mighty US of A, on our grand tour. Due to some delays, we arrived closer to evening than early afternoon, so dinner was a fast food Mexican affair, satisfying but not the most exciting introduction to US cuisine. The hotel folks looked after us, and arranged to take me to my Thursday morning appointment. That left Elise with the car so she and the girls could find a park – although the hotel swimming pool was pretty popular. Thursday night we visited the Perot Musem, which had the perfect children’s section for our tired girls to have a play but not be overwhelmed. Free entry with our Scitech membership! Eleanor really liked the lit frogs in the front entry area. Once again the people were keen to be helpful, and helped us out with a few details, including a nearby pizza place for dinner.

As for musems, we headed for the Heard Museum for another free entry and a place for the girls to stretch their legs during a short Northbound road trip the next day, which again was perfect. The full size replica dinosaurs were a particular highlight, and well placed amongst the trees and bushes. Sleep has been a bit of a challenge, with Hannah struggling to change over to the new timezone, or sleeping in strange places, or coughing and going through the tissues, or something. We’re doing well enough, especially since I’ve done my bit of work and noone now has to ‘go to work in the morning’, so we can tag team who gets up with Hannah, and occasionally Eleanor.

We’ve now driven up to visit family in Oklahoma, and that has been wonderful. Last (and first) time we visited was Christmas 2003, on a road trip from Ontario. I’m a fan of The Waifs, and particularly like the song Bridal Train and the personal reference: My wife’s mother’s father’s sister was on that Bridal Train, and we’re staying with her daughter and all the family have arrived – I suspect in our honour, but for whatever reason it’s great to see them all. Four nights in the same place has been wonderful, for the girls to settle in, both to the USA in general, and for all of us to spend time with the cousins. Carter is 5 and while she has different interests to Eleanor, they’re finding common ground and having a good time together. Brylen, Lane and Ty are 11, 8 and 6 and are all great kids, adding more family atmosphere. Next stop, Traverse City!