Good Mechanics

A couple of Thursdays ago my wife was driving home at peak hour from a day up in the hills visiting friends. She got to somewhere on Guildford Rd and our old car overheated, spewing steam here and there. No problem, I brought our newer car over and rescued her. The issue of course was then what to do – surely a simple problem right?

Well in hindsight it was, but at the time we were hungry and tired, bub was getting a bit grumpy, and it was on of the first 30+ days for the year so everything seemed pretty hard. We had also planned to host that night, but the roast was still in the fridge well after peak hour. We canceled, and still haven’t called them back – sorry Anne & Mau!

We left the car parked at a public library overnight, then went back on the Friday morning and after calling ahead, staggered it over to a nearby mechanic who said they were very busy and it’d have to wait a while. The next thing I knew, we had a very reasonable quote with some uncertainties due to the car’s age, and two days later the split hoses were replaced for less than quoted, and by some side effect, the car starts better than before!

So, without further ado, I’ll happily recommend Frank Dal Autos in Maylands if you happen to be looking for a mechanic. My wife’s hunch on which local to choose turned out well too – she likes businessmen who put their name on the company.

Of course, if I cycled to work more often we wouldn’t need the old car, but I’m pretty well reconciled to not quite having the motivation or priorities required to make that happen.