Autumn Garden Musings

The past few years have held lots of thinking and talking about reframing what it is to be a Christian, and before then I would have thought it crazy to put something as commonplace as our food sources alongside something as grand as Jesus’ mission in and for the world. But here I am in 2010,  somewhere along the road, thinking about local produce, organic gardening and a whole raft of other elements of sustainable living and God’s great reconciliation.

I feel like a novice, but at least now I have some idea of what I don’t know. Better, there are gardeners in my circle of friends and family who can help me learn along the road. Granted, most of them have a different agenda for gardening, but so what? There’s also at least two rewarding points to being a novice: I am able to recognise how much people around me know; and every little bit I learn (and relearn after forgetting) is an exciting discovery.

I’ve even discovered there are gardeners that know how to use computers! Yeah I know, gobsmacked, who woulda thunk it? So I guess I’m not all that special in being a computer guy who attempts to garden. Some of those peeps who are more interesting and reliable bloggers than me, who garden:

My dwarf peas sprouted a few weeks ago; I’ve got one double-fist-sized pumpkin defying the rain and mildew; and the loquat tree is laden with blossoms ready for what I suspect will be another September fruit-fest. I may be a novice, but I’m having some success. Gardening does seem to have a very rewarding learning curve.