Fulfilling Work

In terms of fulfillment from work, I can trace what I do to be useful, but first I have to join up a couple of degrees of separation[1]. My wife works directly with people, helping them to tackle some pretty important issues – to date, it is her life’s mission. Rock on.

My life’s mission aint so clear. I think I need a more direct contribution to humanity. So far I’m toying with helping out on the Drug Arm Street Van, and maybe that will work out. I’ve also recently met some people involved with the One Laptop Per Child program, which has got me thinking. Computing is definitely an area of skill for me, so maybe I should use it. There are some way cool projects around which are directly helpful to children, students, people in developing nations, poor communities, and more. Could be quite a ride.

[1] For the avid dot-connector: I help people use computers, and they produce data and reports for oil & gas companies. Those oil & gas companies use the data & reports to help them go about their business. Their business? Providing energy to probably millions of people, a vital function of our society. Still, it feels like a stretch. I guess along the way I try to help people feel less frustrated by the damned machine they have to sit in front of every day – that’s more fulfilling.