Nope, my first post isn’t abstractly titled, it is indeed somewhat about vomit. I’ve just arrived home from a week in Dunsborough, helping with DrugARM at this year’s Leavers Program. I’m a little surprised to be able to say that I wasn’t actually surprised by anything I saw. It was four nights of working 6pm-2am, employing pretty basic first aid and generally being part of the Leavers Program team of some 300 people, mostly volunteers.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but in the end, our recovery tent was a fairly unsurprising, albeit unpleasant, room full of the small potion of school leavers who really didn’t approach drugs (mostly alcohol – yes, alcohol is a drug) with any sensibility. I’m pleased to note that just about all of these young people hadn’t had any dinner, so while that meant they felt that much worse, it also meant their vomit came out almost entirely as liquid – much less unpleasant to clean up! Am I laissez-faire about vomit now? I sure am, after cleaning up some litres of it in the past four days.

Another observation: There were some amazing kids in the Leavers Zone, especially the lucid ones we saw. Their friends had stupidly got themselves trashed beyond any chance of a fun night, but they hung around, sat with them, held buckets, tied back hair, even risked their midnight driving curfew to come back and collect them. It’s awesome that these kids have such good friends supporting them.

Ok that’ll do for a first post. I’m not normally great at being concise – I sure could go on an awful lot about the week I’ve just had. Perhaps blogging will be good practice in brevity.